Auto Insurance Thousand Oaks CA

Know The Real Price Tag of That Car Before Buying

Expenses of Thousand Oaks car ownership include auto insurance, gas, and the purchase itself!

Before making that big ticket purchase on a shiny new vehicle that you have fallen in love with, spare a minute to consider the true cost. If the car you have your eye on is right on your budget price, you may think you’ve had a stroke of luck. While this may be the case, have you thought about the additional costs of that car?

Below are some considerations that reflect the true price tag of your chosen car:

Buy or Lease?
Leasing is usually recommend for those who trade in their vehicles every four years, or who can’t pay the down payment. While buying a car requires less paperwork, financing a car can lead to overspending, with “add-ons” and interest rate, while leasing can be seen as an empty purchase.

Auto insurance is a necessity. A certain amount of coverage may be required by your bank if you are financing your purchase. No car or driver is created equally in the eyes of auto insurers, so your premium will depend on your driving record, age, location, your car’s make and model, and safety features. You may qualify for certain auto insurance discounts, and you may be able to lower the price if you take advantage of your company’s reward programs or install a basic alarm system.

With fuel prices leveling out in Thousand Oaks, CA, you may be able to fill your tank up without breaking the bank! However, if you opt for a gas-guzzler car, such as an SUV or truck, you may devote a lot of funds at the pump. If you must drive many miles every day, consider a hybrid or electric car to conserve your fuel finances.

Important Updates
There are seasonal updates that your car will require. Luckily, California does not experience lots of snow and ice during the winter, so all-season tires are a favorite among drivers. While a typical oil change can be around $20, the mechanic can come back and suggest 20 repairs. If you have a luxury car, the typical cost of renewing parts may set you up for higher costs.

In the Golden State, many cars suffer from sun damaged roofs and hoods due to being parked out in the beating sun all day long. This is a frequent concern and so preventative maintenance can be upheld although this can instantly drain your wallet.

Deciding on your car is much more than what your eye is drawn to. Consider the loan payments, fuel, maintenance, and auto insurance costs before buying that Chevrolet Suburban! To keep your Conejo Valley auto insurance costs low and your coverage high, contact Integrity First Insurance today!