When can I cover my child on my plan?

If you have questions regarding your health insurance plan in regards to national health care reform, then you are not alone. As the U.S. moves toward a nationwide insurance plan in 2014, many different issues are coming up including coverage of children. While you may not have been able to provide insurance coverage for a young adult in the past, this may change with the upcoming changes.

According to the federal law regarding health care reform, a child will be able to stay on their parent’s health care plan until they turn 26 years old. Check with your state, however, since this age limit may be extended at the state level. A child does not have to live with their parents, be financially dependent on them, be single or be claimed as dependents on their parents’ tax returns to be covered by their parents’ policy.

A child who is sick cannot be turned away for coverage, which is called guaranteed issue. However, some states are implementing limits on this statute. For example, in California children will be guaranteed coverage only during their birth month. Here at Integrity First Insurance we are skilled at providing personalized insurance for families with children. If you would like more information regarding your insurance in the California, please contact Integrity First Insurance today.