Do I Have Enough Earthquake Insurance?

For California residents, living with earthquakes is something you get used to. Most quakes are small and you may have gotten to the point you really don’t notice anything less than a 3.0. And, most earthquakes don’t do any damage and aren’t strong enough to do much more than cause water to ripple in a glass. However, when a good shock does happen, damage can occur. That’s when you start to worry whether your insurance gives you the proper coverage. 

While most Californians who own homes have some type of earthquake protection clause built in, it may not be enough. Ordinarily, earthquakes are classed as ‘natural disasters; along with such things as floods, forest fires, tornados and hurricanes and handled differently than other losses by insurance companies. This means you’ll want to check out your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you have enough coverage if a big quake does occur.

Working with a great insurance company like Integrity First Insurance in Conejo Valley, California can give you the assurance you’ve got the right financial protection, regardless of where in all of California you’re located. Earthquakes will happen and it’s up to you to make sure you’re completely prepared. Having the right homeowners insurance helps you to be sure.