Spring maintenance for your home

As the days grow longer and the temperatures warmer, many homeowners are beginning to prepare for their annual spring cleaning ritual.

However, to get the most out of your home, consider using this time to perform a maintenance inspection as well.

Start with your roof. Check shingles for warping or curling as well as for cracking granules. While you can take a look at your roof yourself, do not attempt to make repairs on your own. Hire a professional to do any needed work, both for your own safety as well as to ensure the job is done properly.

Examine your gutters and downspouts as well. Following winter’s freezes, gutters sometimes crack or fill to the point that they are no longer performing adequately. It may be time for a simple cleaning, or you may find it is necessary to replace some or all of them.

Finally, test your air conditioning. It is better to have it serviced now than to find out you should have once summer’s heat becomes the daily standard.

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