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Still Don’t Have Health Insurance? Don’t Worry!

Special Enrollment Period for Health Insurance

Even though the open enrollment period to invest in health insurance ended on February 15th, you still have a chance to enroll in a policy to ensure that you do not have to pay the fine. Covered California is offering a special enrollment period for those who were not aware of the tax penalty for not having health insurance in 2014, or learned that they may now face a fine in 2015.

The special enrollment period runs from now until April 30th, and gives people the chance to be covered with the right health insurance policy if they are not already. In order to qualify, you must prove that you were not aware of the penalty for not having health insurance by selecting the “Informed of Tax Penalty Risk” on the Covered California website.

Along with the new special enrollment period, there are other qualifying life events that can qualify you for a special enrollment period so that you can sign up for health care. Some of the most common qualifying life events include:

  • Getting married, entering into a domestic partnership, or getting a divorce.
  • Having a child, putting a child up for adoption, or adopting a child.
  • Moving your permanent residence to a different state that does not offer the same health plan that you are currently enrolled in.
  • Having a change in your income that effects your eligibility for cost sharing reductions or other government assistance.
  • Being a member of a federally recognized Alaska Native or American Indian tribe. If you fall into this category, you can change your health insurance plan, or enroll in a plan once a month.

Contact the insurance professionals at Integrity First Insurance in Thousand Oaks, California for all of your Conejo Valley health insurance coverage needs.

Proper Liability Insurance Coverage can Prevent Lawsuit

A recent report by American Tort Reform Foundation determines that California is the worst state to experience a lawsuit. Therefore, Integrity First Insurance encourages all businesses to purchase liability coverage that covers all costs of onsite accidents.

This will prevent headache later on. Even the most reputable organizations make mistakes once in a while. However, the companies that can take responsibility for their actions will have the most success avoiding post-accident court costs.

Don’t be among the businesses that later on suffers a class action suit. If one of your employees causes damage to a client’s property, or if someone on your team steals belongings in a home, you do not have to pay out of pocket.

Furthermore, you can avoid employee lawsuit if you provide them with health insurance coverage. Jason Mayling offers advice to all Thousand Oaks, CA industries. Please contact Integrity First Insurance today to seek the right employer plan for you.