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Checklist To Get Your RV Ready for Spring

RV Spring Prep

Spring is here, which means it is time to pull the cover off of your RV to get it ready for your first road trip of the season. To ensure that your RV is ready for all of your fun spring and summer adventures, keep this RV prep checklist in mind.

  • Look for leaks – water leaks can lead to serious issues. Take a look at the roof of your rig, as well as vents, seams, doors, and windows for signs of water damage. While you are thoroughly inspecting your RV, also check for any signs that a critter made your RV their home for winter.
  • Check the battery – storing your RV for a long period of time can mean big issues for your battery. Check the battery to ensure that it is working properly. Look at the connections, terminals, and battery trays for any signs of corrosion. Mixing baking soda with a little bit of water can help to clean off any corrosion that you find.
  • Clean your water lines – run fresh water though your entire water system to make sure that all lines and holding tanks are clean. While running water through, also check for leaks. If your RV has been sitting for many months, you may also want to clean out the water system by pouring 1 cup of bleach into the entire tank, and then wash it completely.
  • Check the propane – before you check your propane, make sure that there are no open flames nearby and that all appliances are turned off. Open the valves, and if you can smell propane, you have a leak that needs to be fixed.

Most importantly, before you head out on the road, review your RV insurance policy to ensure that it is providing the right amount of coverage. Contact the insurance professionals at Integrity First Insurance in Thousand Oaks, California for all of your RV insurance needs.

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

The first day of spring is just a couple of days away, which means it is time to start preparing your house for the warm weather. Keep these spring home maintenance tips in mind to ensure that your home is ready for the season.

  • Have your roof inspected – although Southern California is not known for spring storms, they can happen. Make sure that your roof flashing, shingles, and caulking are all working properly to prevent any water damage to your roof and attic.
  • Inspect your windows and doors – check the caulking around all of your windows and doors in your house. If you find any missing or damaged caulking, re-caulk the area to ensure that your house stays airtight.
  • Change your fans direction – if you changed the direction of your fan in the fall to help keep your home warmer, it is time to turn it back. A properly working ceiling fan can help to make your house feel much cooler without having to run your air conditioner.
  • Clean your dryer vents – clogged dryer vents will not allow the warm air from your dryer to escape, causing the room with your dryer to get too warm. A quick cleaning can help to ensure that your home stays at the right temperature.
  • Swap out your lights – replace all of your standard light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, also known as CFL bulbs. Not only will they help you save on your energy bill, but also will give off less heat than typical bulbs, keeping your home cooler.

The changing season is also the best time to look over your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that you have the right amount of protection for the new season. Contact Integrity First Insurance in Thousand Oaks, California for all of your home insurance coverage needs.

Spring maintenance for your home

As the days grow longer and the temperatures warmer, many homeowners are beginning to prepare for their annual spring cleaning ritual.

However, to get the most out of your home, consider using this time to perform a maintenance inspection as well.

Start with your roof. Check shingles for warping or curling as well as for cracking granules. While you can take a look at your roof yourself, do not attempt to make repairs on your own. Hire a professional to do any needed work, both for your own safety as well as to ensure the job is done properly.

Examine your gutters and downspouts as well. Following winter’s freezes, gutters sometimes crack or fill to the point that they are no longer performing adequately. It may be time for a simple cleaning, or you may find it is necessary to replace some or all of them.

Finally, test your air conditioning. It is better to have it serviced now than to find out you should have once summer’s heat becomes the daily standard.

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